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24 Apr 2018
Dance Show

Dance Apr 18 250wWhen my group first arrived at Upper School, where the dance show was being held, we were greeted by an Upper 6 girl who asked our names and what dance we were doing. She also told us that we were one of the first on and to get everything ready for the dance. She then took us to a classroom and we had a quick practice in the hallway.

We were amazed by the variation in the dances - some people were doing ballet, some doing flips, some doing lifts.  By the time we sorted out our music and our costumes, we only got to practise once. We were not nervous in the slightest before we got to the wing of the stage, but when you are there and watching the dance before you, we all got a bit nervous.  As soon as the music started, all the butterflies flew away.  We had so much fun dancing and watching the other groups. We will most definitely be doing the dance show next year!!   

Olivia, RY

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