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10 May 2018
The Lower School Book of Excellence

Book of Excellence 250wCongratulations to the following Lower 4 students who signed the Book of Excellence this week for recent work in Geography.

Priyanka - An amazing piece of homework and research into street children and the role charities play to help improve their lives. A thoroughly researched and emotive piece of writing which acknowledged both life through the eyes of street children and the safe haven charities provide.

Elena - A very engaging piece of homework with excellent research and attention to detail throughout. A carefully planned and well presented piece of work.

Sofia R -  A thorough account of the amazing work of street children charities and the role they play in improving the quality of life for so many children across the world. This was a heartfelt piece which was simultaneously engaging, emotive and inspiring. A beautiful account of the humanitarian role played by individuals to help the vulnerable, marginalised and neglected children in our society, which highlights the importance of being a global citizen.

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