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24 May 2018
Lower School Charity Event
Charity Event in Lower School 

On Friday the 11 May, every Lower School pupil came into school wearing brightly coloured clothes and brought a donation of £2 or more. On the same day, the Charities reps baked delicious cakes and candy. Each cake was brightly coloured and only cost 50p each but we still managed to raise about £200. Altogether, with the cake and donations, we raised a stunning £602, which we donated to two charities.

The first charity chosen was the Anna Lewis Brighter Future Fund. Their logo is a rainbow, which is why we had a colourful theme going on with the clothes and food. This charity started when a baby of only 18 months died from mitochondrial disease and they are working to find a cure.

The second charity we will be donating money to is Alzheimer Scotland. As you know, many elderly people suffer from dementia. This means that they forget things. It usually starts with little things such as forgetting to brush your teeth but if it gets serious they can even forget their own family, which can be very upsetting for all concerned.

All the money we earned has been split between the two charities.

Gabi and Hattie, RP

Charity Event in Lower School

On Friday 11 May we had a huge charity event in Lower School. We wore our own bright clothes and had a cake sale. Some of the charity reps baked the most amazingly colourful cakes and cookies. Everyone looked fabulous in their bright clothes - there was even a unicorn! We were raising money for Alzeimer Scotland and the Anna Lewis Brighter Future Fund. These charities were chosen by the charity reps because they had special connections to them. In the end we managed to raise a massive £602! Thank you everybody, we couldn't have done it without you!

Ailsa, P6X


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