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24 May 2018
P1 and 2 Musical Showcase

On Tuesday 15 May Primary 1 and 2 put on an amazing musical showcase. It was a great glimpse into all the musical learning that happens in our lessons. The girls showed us that they had been learning the Sol Fa music and sang songs from the sound of music beautifully. They showed the audience how they learn to keep the beat through clapping and games and then sang some lovely Scottish songs and even did some Scottish dancing. It was a very enjoyable show and the audience seemed to love it.

Here are some comments from the Primary 2 girls below about what they enjoyed:

  • I enjoyed learning new songs.  Sophie
  • My favourite part was when we sang doh a deer.  Roni
  • I liked learning the Scottish dances.  Anthi
  • My favourite part was when we played the postie game.  Katie
  • I liked saying my lines to people.  Emily
  • My favourite part was when we sand Auld Lang Syne.  Isla K
  • I liked singing doh a deer.  Lucy
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