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24 May 2018
Spirit - The Guide Dog

Spirit first visited us in October when she was puppy and just starting her guide dog training. On Monday 21 May she came to visit us again. She had grown so much and was nearly ready to meet her new life partner.

When a guide dog has undergone all of their training, they are ready to meet their new owner, who needs their help more than they need theirs. This will change a person’s life forever for they are their new eyes. They may have gone a long time without being able to go out by themselves but now they can.

Guide dogs are trained to know when to cross roads, to keep focused, even when it is busy, and to keep their owner safe and happy.

We are so proud of Spirit and hope her owner is too. We will be behind her all the way and for all other guide dogs and we are sure she will enjoy this adventure.

Thank you to Olivia and Spirit for coming in to school to share their journey with us.

By Lexi and Maria, RX


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