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24 May 2018
Lower 4 Trip to South Queensferry

On May 8 2018, Lower 4 went on a trip to the FCBC (Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors) offices in South Queensferry to learn about the Forth Road Bridge and the Queensferry Crossing. Lower 4 participated in two activities, the first being to walk over the Forth Road Bridge. Even though the weather was quite dire, we managed to make it through the rain and enjoy the view over the River Forth.

Once we had made our way from Edinburgh to the edge of Fife we headed back to the FCBC offices for our next activity. We were split up into seven groups for this activity, which was to build a tower out of Lego; but it wasn’t that simple, there were different aspects that we needed to think about to make ‘money’ for our ‘company’. We had to think about how tall the tower was, and the taller the tower the more money could be made. The second of the aspects was the amount of bricks we used – the less bricks used the more money was made, and the final aspect was the amount of time it took to build, so the quicker it was to build, the more money was made. Each group took a turn to build their tower against the clock, to make sure their team got the quickest time and the most points.

The end of ‘World of Work’ day was here, we thanked Elaine (the lady who kindly took us across the bridge and did the adjudication of our building task) for her time, and we headed back to St George’s after an amazing day.

Poppy, L4X

Our Visit to the Forth Road Bridge!

On Tuesday 8 May, Lower 4 went on a school trip to the Forth Road Bridge for World of Work day. When we got to the education centre Elaine, who is a civil engineer, greeted us and told us that we were going to walk across the bridge. When we started walking, it started to rain. We saw a seal in the water and saw people working on the bridge. We also found out that only buses and taxis were allowed across this bridge.

When we got back to the education centre, we split into seven groups, each with nine people. Our groups had to choose a Team Manager to be in charge.  Our task was to build a tower as high as we could, as fast as we could and using the least amount of Lego bricks. The quicker you built it, the higher the building and the less bricks you used, the more money you earned.

Overall we enjoyed our time at the education centre and would love to go again!

Charlotte, L4  

Lower 4 World of Work Day

On Tuesday 8 May, all the Lower 4s went to the Queensferry Crossing education centre as part of World of Work day. We learnt many things about engineers and the new Queensferry crossing. When we got there, we met with Elaine Barrie who is a civil engineer. We got the chance to walk across the Forth Road Bridge and find out about how it and the new bridge were built and why they built a new one. It took us just over an hour to walk over and back but it was worth it because we got a nice view of the Forth rail bridge and the Queensferry Crossing. When we got back to the centre we got into groups and had to try and build a tower out of Lego bricks and make as much money as we could. We had to try and make it as tall as we could but we also had to try and be quick as we were getting timed, which was hard because they kept falling over! The winning group was the group that built it the tallest and the quickest because that made you more money. We all had a great time and learnt lots of new things about engineers and the bridges.

Louisa, L4Q

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