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23 May 2018
Athletics News

So far, this season we have enjoyed a couple of athletics matches. We invited George Watson’s College Primary 6s to our Primary 6 club and the girls enjoyed competing against another school in the sunshine! There were some very good results with Susanna winning the 80m and Maighdlin winning the high jump. It was a very close match with George Watson’s College edging the win after the relays.

The Removes and Upper 4s had an athletics meet at Fettes College this week, competing against Fettes College, St Mary’s Melrose, Edinburgh Academy and Cargilfield. There were some notable results with Olivia (Remove) winning the 80m A, 150m A and the high jump. Sidney (Remove) won the 80m B and came second in the high jump. Esme D (Remove) won the long jump with Esme S (Remove) coming third. Esme S also came second in the 150m B race. Julia (Remove) won the cricket ball. In the Upper 4s Abby won the high jump, Georgia came second in the javelin and Naesi came second in the long jump. It was a lovely afternoon and the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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