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24 May 2018
Race for Life

We took a taxi at 10am to Hopetoun House. When we arrived there was already a crowd gathering on the grass. It was a sunny day. Lots of people were wearing pink – the designated colour – and the atmosphere was cheery and lively. After a brief warm-up exercise people grouped themselves into runners, joggers and walkers. We all decided to jog. A short countdown later, the race began.

The first kilometre whizzed by in a flash; I was surprised when I realised it had been 1km already. The second kilometre went by slower. By the third kilometre I started to have a cramp and started walking, but as distance passed onto the fourth kilometre I had recovered and started running again. There was a beautiful view of the sea so I stopped to take a picture as well as giving myself a rest. I ran as fast as I could for the last kilometre and when I finished I felt very accomplished – and very tired as well. I think Race for Life was a great experience and I would definitely do it again if I could.

Qinyi, U5

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