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07 Jun 2018
Primary 5 Trip to Bannockburn

On Thursday we woke up so excited to go to Bannockburn. When we arrived, there was someone playing the bagpipes coming down the road. We suddenly stopped to listen and danced to the tune. Then, our tour guides Ross and Francesca came and split us up into two groups. When we got into the visitor centre there were stones with famous people’s names on them. I can remember that one had Edward I on it. There was also a room with a 3D show that we got to stand in the middle of. It was like arrows were flying out of the screen right at us!

Next, we went to play a game which was to re-enact the Battle of Bannockburn. Scotland won and we were all so excited for the next thing to do. After lunch, we played for a while outside and saw the statue of Robert the Bruce. Then we saw some armour that they wore in the battle. At the end, we were all sad that the day was over as we waved goodbye to Bannockburn and headed back to school. We couldn’t wait to tell our parents all about our exciting trip.

Alicia and Emily, P5X

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