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07 Jun 2018
Katie Morag Day

On Monday 4 June, the Primary 2 girls came to school dressed as a character from the Katie Morag stories. This was aimed to kick start our new topic on mapping and the British Isles where we use the Katie Morag books as a stimulus. There were lots Katie Morags as well as some 'Fabbydoo' the cats, some Granma Mainlands and  Grannie Islands and some Mrs McColls. The girls all looked fantastic! 

We had an action packed day filled with Katie Morag related activities and we read some of the Katie Morag books. Some of the activities included drawing giant clocks in the playground, making kilts for Katie Morag and using adjectives to describe Katie Morag. Everyone had a busy and fun filled day.

Here are some thoughts from the P2 girls:

  • My favourite part was dressing up and seeing all the costumes. Charlotte
  • My favourite part was when we did the clocks outside. Roni
  • My favourite part was when we read the start of Katie and the Wedding and Katie Morag and Tiresome Ted. Emmea
  • I liked it when we made kilts for Katie Morag in Art. Sophia
  • I liked when we made the kilts and when we coloured in Katie Morag. Stefaniya
  • I liked making the kilts for Katie because we got to make our own design. Sophie
  • I liked going outside and doing the clocks. Emily
  • My favourite thing was trying to work out the times in the right order when Katie was doing things. Ayo
  • I liked when we got to read the Katie Morag stories. Megan

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