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07 Jun 2018
P3 Visit to the Victorian Schoolroom

On Tuesday 5 June P3 enjoyed a fantastic visit to the Victorian Schoolroom in the grounds of Leith Walk Primary School.  The girls stepped back in time to experience life in a Victorian classroom before moving on to the museum room to learn about Victorian home life.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by Miss McDevitt and Ms Pearson who dressed everyone as Victorian school children. In the schoolroom, the girls had to sit on stiff wooden benches and work tables. They learned about the three Rs and about using an abacus during maths work. They practised times tables sums, writing on slates and made good attempts to write in a Victorian style using a fountain pen! In the Victorian era schools were extremely strict and the girls were introduced to some methods that were used in the classroom to make sure that children were making the most of the education. Some of these objects included a wooden panel that was held up by looping your arms around the back to make you sit up straight and another tool was used to stop you from writing with your left hand.

After being made to endure gruelling lessons with the Victorian teachers, the girls were then able to spend some time in the museum room, where they were able to explore various artefacts from Victorian homes.  

The trip was very enjoyable and despite the strict rules that we had to follow in the Victorian schoolroom, all of the girls had a wonderful time! 

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