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07 Jun 2018
News from The Little Owls

Throughout the year, our Little Owls have been using loose parts within the playrooms, in the garden, over in the forest, in the mud kitchen and during our coastal learning afternoons. The children really enjoy the sandy space down at Silverknowes beach, where they have access to many natural loose parts: rocks, shells, seaweed, and driftwood. Loose parts create richer environments for children to play, giving them the resources that they need to extend their play.

The children chose some dinosaurs from the big shed to add into their block play area. They have been counting, sorting, ordering and building nooks and crannies for the dinosaurs to live in, using various size blocks, tyres, bottle corks, milk tops and various other loose parts, with increased levels of imagination and creativity.

There has been much excitement, when the egg we had put in water a few weeks ago, finally, hatched and out popped a rather colourful dinosaur! The children decided to call her Pinkie-Pie. They selected a box and decorated it for her to live in and some children are dedicated to caring for her every day.

Picnics and tea parties on the big blue carpet often take place down in Little Owls, with much collaborating, communication, sharing and decision-making going on. We have added a real china tea set, a rug, characters from Winnie the Pooh, poems and stories, all of which promote literacy, curiosity and wonder.

Little Owls are looking forward to Sports Day on Thursday and you may spot some of our bigger loose parts, over on the playing fields.

Team Little Owls

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