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07 Jun 2018
The Leg Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone ...

Over the last few week, Primary 6 has been learning about the human body. Last week we were learning about the skeletal system. We were put into groups and given a tray of dog biscuits shaped as bones. There were big ones and tiny little ones. We were asked to make them into skeletons. We learnt all about bones and where they all go.

The biggest bone in the body is called the femur and it is in your leg. The smallest one is in your ear. We learnt that without bones you would not be able to move and that babies have more bones than adults. We also found out that some bones are there to protect your organs. We really enjoyed this activity and learnt a lot from doing it.

After the activity we weighed out the biscuits in bags and sold them to people who had dogs.

Sophie M and Melissa, P6X


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