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08 Jun 2018
6th Form Leadership Day

On Tuesday 5 June the girls going into Upper 6 participated in a leadership day. This consisted of a mixture of talks and activities which were run by two outside speakers, Steve and Chris. In the morning we were taught a variety of presenting techniques. We were also asked to identify our strengths and weaknesses so that we could improve on our weaker areas and highlight the areas we are strong in.

In the afternoon we were given the task of creating and pitching a product in a 'Dragons Den' style format. This included thinking of a product, naming and creating a brand for the product, creating a poster and pitching to 'Dragons' in an attempt to get an investment from them. Overall, this was a fun and informative day. We were presented with lots of new information which will benefit us in the year to come as the new student leaders of the school.



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