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21 Jun 2018
Salters Chemistry Festival

Salt logo 250wOn the 6 June four girls in Lower 4 we were delighted to represent the school at the Salters Chemistry festival, 2018, which was held at Heriot Watt university.

We had to complete two challenges without our teacher: the University Challenge and the Salters Chemistry Challenge.

When we arrived at the university, we went into a lecture theatre and were welcomed by the professor running the challenge and the chemistry students that were there to help. We then moved into a science laboratory and got ready for the Salters Chemistry Challenge to begin. We had to decode a long page of writing to find out about background information of a forensic crime that we had to solve. Then we had to do a number of tests of various types of samples to find out where and who they came from.

After that it was lunch so we went outside the building to the small picnicking area in the middle of the campus. There was a large pond where several friendly ducks came in and out the water, walking about the students and other competitors.

After lunch we moved on to our second challenge, the University Challenge. This challenge was slightly different as we were given two chemical substances and we had an hour to try and create a solution that would decrease in temperature to ten and a half degrees Celsius after sixty seconds of mixing. We came close in this challenge but did not quite get it bang on 10 1/2 degrees exactly.

Following the challenge, we moved to another theatre for a lecture of temperatures. The doctor taking this talk gave us a small quiz on melting and boiling points on well-known substances, lowest and hottest temperatures achieved in certain places and the surprising temperatures of certain objects. He then went on to do a number of interesting demonstrations with things that only universities can have, including experiments with liquid nitrogen.

The final part of the day after the very interesting lecture on the variety of temperatures, was the prizegiving. Every school was given a certificate for participation, and then the third, second, and first prizes were awarded for both challenges. We were very lucky to win second place out of 13 schools for the Salters Chemistry challenge. We all really enjoyed the day and learned a lot from the fun experience.

By Alexandra H, L4Q

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