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21 Jun 2018
ALUMNAE: Victory for St George’s Alumnae Golf Team!

We were so proud of our St George’s alumnae Golf Team who won the Tassie Golf Competition on 11 June.  The team consisted of Jane Somerset (nee Gordon) Class of 1981, Cali Brown (nee Irving) Class of 1989, Joanna Giddins (nee Neill) Class of 1982 and Jane Turton (nee Neill) Class of 1980.  The competition is 57 years old and is the female equivalent of the Halford Hewitt.  It was held in Berkshire near Ascot in glorious sunshine and St George’s beat a whole host of other schools in the competition including St Leonard’s, Wycombe Abbey, Benenden, Millfield, Marlborough, Sherborne, Cheltenham, Roedean and James Allen’s.  What an achievement!

Alumnae Golf 584w

(From left to right: Jane Somerset, Cali Brown,Joanna Giddins and Jane Turton)

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