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13 Sep 2018
Royal Yacht Britannia Trip

Today I went on the Royal Yacht Britannia trip. We got an audio guide and I think the commentary was very detailed. Something I learned was that one of the princes didn’t want a duvet bed cover because he wanted a sheet, so he could be the same as the Queen! The dining room and Queen’s bedroom were my favourite parts; they were well decorated, and it made me feel like royalty.

It was very windy, a good day for sailing. I tried fudge for the first time, it’s very sweet. I bought postcards of Scotland for memories; I like seeing the cultural side of Scotland.

When I went downstairs, I saw the rooms the sailors sleep in. They were very small because they have to save space; it reminds me of House Wars.

I went to the engine room, which was magnificent. I like the machine and how the components connected. It was the heart of the machine and the feeling was incredible.

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Royal Yacht BritanniaRoyal Yacht Britannia 2

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