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20 Sep 2018
Roald Dahl Day

On Thursday 13 September, the Primary 3 girls celebrated Roald Dahl Day. As yellow was Roald Dahl’s favourite colour, we came to school all dressed in different shades of yellow! We are currently reading The BFG in class and the girls took part in related activities throughout the day. The girls made their own dream jars after discussing bedtime dreams as well as their hopes and dreams for the future. We watched a video clip and took part in a quiz about Roald Dahl and which of his characters we are most like. We seem to have a lot of ‘Matildas’ in Primary 3!

Here are some of our favourite activities:

  • We all dressed in yellow and got to come to school without wearing our uniform!
  • I liked when we were talking about our dreams before putting them in the dream jar.
  • My favourite part was when we were doing the jars. We had to think of a dream that we had had and draw about it in the jar.
  • I liked the dream jars because we got to do our dreams and they were all different.
  • My favourite part was when I was watching the film about Roald Dahl. I liked taking the quiz on Roald Dahl because I learned a lot about him.
  • My favourite part was when we did the bunting for Roald Dahl Day. I did mine all yellow.



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