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20 Sep 2018
Primary 5 Trip to the Pentlands

Pentlands 600wMeteorologists, botanists, mycologists and ornithologists, together with their research equipment, set off for a six mile hike through the Pentlands. Not deterred by a few light showers, the girls enjoyed the great outdoors. They recorded the weather at hourly intervals, studied the flora and fauna en route and spotted swans, geese, a buzzard and had several encounters with sheep.

A picnic lunch was enjoyed before scaling the heights of Scald Law, the highest of the Pentland Hills. There were several 'mountain goats' amongst us and the teachers had to work hard to keep up with them!

For some, this was their first major hill walk so everyone should be very proud of their efforts and determination to get to the top. This completes the walking challenge of the Natural Connections Award, which all Primary 5 girls work towards through this session.

Here are some of the highlights of the trip:

  • Climbing up Scald Law was very steep but it was worth it when we got to the top. The view was amazing and we felt very proud that we had made it.
  • The higher I got, the easier it was! I was very tired when we reached the top but I was proud of my achievement!
  • My favourite part was crossing the stream on the stepping stones - I was happy that I didn't fall in!
  • I enjoyed stopping for lunch outside, it was so much fun. We were sitting on our bags and enjoying the fresh air!
  • My favourite parts were seeing the tall and shimmery waterfall and getting to the top. I felt impressed at the top because it was a big achievement for me!
  • We were all given different jobs to do. I was a botanist. I had so much fun studying different flowers on the way up. I also loved being outside for the whole day and feeling the wind in my hair.

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