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01 Oct 2018
Founders’ Day 2018 Celebrating our 130th Year

130 Logo Square 250wOver the course of this, our 130th year, we are reflecting on our founding values, which are truth, honour, freedom and courtesy. We are looking back to celebrate the achievements of the past and looking ahead to consider ways in which those same values and the determination, vision and commitment of our founders can be carried into the future in the lives of our students. 

This week we unveiled a timeline of our history in the Upper School; a beautiful visual record of our heritage.  Please do come to see it. (Images of some of the panels are at the foot of this article)

On 3 October we have planned a programme of creative, thought-provoking activities through which we will reflect on changes over the past 130 years and celebrate the contribution of women to our society.

Programme of events 3 October
  • Assembly and the cutting of the 130 birthday cake
  • School photograph and the raising of the 130 birthday flag
  • Projects in departments:

Nursery – 130 year collages

The nursery will be completing their 130th year celebration collages.

Junior School - inspirational women

Junior School pupils will be making a gallery of women who inspire them, from Lady Gaga to Florence Nightingale, and creating a piece of writing 130 words long.

Lower School – languages, code breaking and more during the Second World War

Lower School girls will be learning about former Head of Languages, Miss Reilly, who was a member of the Special Operations Executive during the Second World War. In groups, they will take part in a selection of activities based on the skills that these women had to use. From code breaking to assault courses and undercover missions, our girls will get a feel for what life would have been like for Miss Reilly in the SOE.

Upper School

Faculty of English and Drama – Independent Women magazine

In conjunction with the Independent Women magazine editorial team, English will be working with students to produce an edition of ‘Independent Women’ to commemorate our 130th anniversary.  Each class will be focusing on a different era and will produce a variety of articles and creative pieces to highlight key moments in the school's history.

Faculty of Sciences - women of achievement

Science staff will be helping students produce a gallery of women in a variety of fields who deserve a little more fame and recognition than they may have received to date. They may have fought to reach the heights they did, or they may have been forgotten or may be at risk of being written out of history. Some have since been recognised, but their achievements are truly inspirational.

The girls will produce cyanotype prints of these amazing women and research their achievements.

Faculty of Social Sciences - disaster strikes….

Imagine a catastrophic event which leaves only the shell of the Upper School building standing and a group of pioneering young women whose duty it becomes to resurrect an educational facility for the twenty-first century and beyond. They will need a viable business model which can generate income to supplement the capital insurance pay-out. They will need to examine the immediate and wider geography of the site and seek ways to make best use of it, including the remodelling of the main building’s interior and the construction of new facilities. A management structure will need to be put in place, and historical models of governance will need to be examined to enable a decision to be made about hierarchical versus collegiate structures and different methods of decision making. A curriculum for the future must be devised, and one which best reflects the ethos and values which matter most to our young female pioneers.


The girls in the ESOL department will be looking at extracts, photographs and sketches taken from Houldsworth House over the years 1935 and 1936 so that they can find out how the girls spent their time as boarders before the Second World War.  This project will be done over the month of October and the girls will produce a visual display to illustrate their findings.

Faculty of Art and Creative Technologies – photo collage of Upper School

Students will produce a large scale photo collage of the Upper School building.

Taking their cues from David Hockney’s ‘joiners’, the girls will collaborate across year groups to produce a 10-metre photographic image.

Rather than taking photographs with a wide-angle lens to capture the whole building in one, students will take hundreds of individual images with narrow fields of view and from multiple viewpoints to build up a vibrant work of art commemorating the building’s history.

  • Party on the Pitch – fun for all!

The images below show some of the panels of the new school timeline in Upper School. Please come and take a look!

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