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02 Oct 2018
The Big Owls - Space Food

Space 250wIn Pre-school, we have been looking at the change in the length of day and talking about space, stars and planets. The girls thought that some of the planets look like biscuits, which led us on to talking about all the strange food that one can eat in space!

As a continuation of the activities that we have done based on the story of The Tiger who came for Tea, the girls wanted to link this to space. We made a helmet for Tiger who then launched himself into space! He put his space suit on, counted out loud "5, 4, 3, 2, 1..." and off he went... Tiger visited lots of different planets and learnt interesting facts about each and every one! He sang planet songs on his way.

As we wanted to welcome Tiger back on Earth and make him feel like home, we decided to visit the supermarket and buy lots of food to prepare lovely snacks for him. On our visit to the supermarket we talked about the different products we had on our shopping lists and got ourselves a big trolley to fit all our shopping.

We bought lots of vegetables and fruit, eggs, bread, strawberry juice, tea bags and yummy sausages! At the end the Big Owls paid at the self-service checkout where they enjoyed scanning their products. What a fantastic trip that was. The tiger will be thrilled with all the exciting snacks he is going to have this week.

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