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03 Oct 2018
Escape Room Trip

Escape 250wThis Sunday we went to an Escape Room experience. It was very intense and really made you think outside of the box. There were riddles that we had to solve to reveal the combinations for locks, and puzzles that revealed secret messages. There were so many hidden clues and details that you wouldn’t expect to matter. It was such a thrill when we would crack the clues and progress on to the next stage or room.

It could get frustrating at times; we would be so sure we had all the pieces of a puzzle but had to keep looking.

My favourite puzzle was a jigsaw in the final room, when all the pieces were in the right place a UV light shone into a stone basin and revealed secret messages on the pieces.

The staff were so friendly and helpful, it really made the experience so much more enjoyable and we are already planning to try another escape room next term.

(L6 Student)

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