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04 Oct 2018
Junior School 130 Year Anniversary Project

In preparation for our Founders’ Day all Primary pupils have worked on a special art project. 

Pupils from Primary 4 and 5 researched a pioneering woman of interest for our Portrait Gallery. In our corridor gallery you can see that we drew, painted and collaged women and celebrated their inspirational spirit and talents in the last 130 years. We have displayed these imaginative portraits in frames made from decorated boxes.

Primary 1 to 3 made self-portraits which look ahead to our futures, and each person wrote about their career aspirations.  The whole of the Junior School has engaged with this project and produced work which shows that we are proud of our School’s past and present, and future.

The Queen P3P3 2P1 selfportrait 2 P1 selfportrait MalalaJK and Serena IMG 3898IMG 3897IMG 3896IMG 3893IMG 3892IMG 3890IMG 3888IMG 3879IMG 3878IMG 3877IMG 3876IMG 3875IMG 3874IMG 3873IMG 3872IMG 3860florence  

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