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04 Oct 2018
Fresh Start

Last week Steph came to Lower School Assembly. She told us all about Fresh Start. Fresh Start are a charity that helps people set up new homes. They collect food, cleaning supplies, bedding, crockery and other new or second-hand items. They use these items to make starter packs for people who have been homeless and who are moving into new homes. Anybody can donate items to Fresh Start.

We are collecting items in Lower School to give to Fresh Start.

By Zara and Alex, P6X

Fresh Start is a charity that helps people who might not have the equipment they need for everyday life, like toilet roll, cleaning products, food, bedding like blankets, pillows covers, sheets and light bulbs. Fresh Start have helped lots of people over the years to have nice homes and live happier lives. We are helping Fresh Start to collect items. The items don’t have to be new, they can be second hand (except for the food!).  Each class has a box which they need to fill to the top. They will try to fill as many boxes as they can. The deadline is 10 October, when Fresh Start are coming back to collect our donations. Please give as much as you can - you never know, you might help your form win the competition!

By Mairi, Mary & Tilly, P6X


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