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02 Oct 2018
Primary 6 Trip to Edinburgh University

In Primary 6 we are currently studying space. Because of this topic we went on a trip to see the famous robot Valkyrie, who is training to go on a space mission to Mars. On the journeys there and back we took the Lothian Bus. The ticket cost 80p and we got to sit on the second deck. This was an important part of learning because some girls had never taken the bus before and didn’t even know where to put the money in - like me! We got off the bus and walked to the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Vijakumar, who is working with NASA, showed us a presentation about his job and introduced the robots along the way. He talked about how robots can help in human lives and showed us a mechanical arm for people with a disability. The arm is designed to move and hold objects like a real human arm. After that, he showed us where they test and look after robots. We saw robots which could move things and we saw a robot which is made to look like a dog. This robot is ideal to get through really small cracks if there is a natural disaster and save people from places where it will be too risky for humans to go. Then we saw the Valkyrie. First, in turns we got to touch it. It had parts of smooth leather and shiny white metal.  After viewing the robots we went to a lounge which had really nice sofas. We ate our packed lunches which we were given at school. Then, as a treat we got a choice of a brownie or velvet cake and raspberry or lemon flavoured lemonade! It was AMAZING!  

We then got went over to the National Museum. First we went to an exhibition that’s all about Scotland billions of years ago at the start of our Earth. On our sheets we had to write down any interesting facts about what we saw. We found out that millions of years ago Scotland was at the equator, and it is moving north a bit every 10,000 years. Then we went to an installation all about space. We were looking at stars, planets, the Earth, everything to do with our Space topic. When all the classes got together again, we made our way back to the bus stop. We got off the bus at Roseburn and walked in pairs back to Lower school. That was the end of our incredibly fun and educational trip! 

Anastasia, P6P 

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