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09 Oct 2018
Raising the New Flag

One day last term when we were in 5 o’clock Club we were given some paper and a red pencil and asked to enter the flag competition. Georgia and I put our ideas on to separate pieces of paper and then we put them together. We were fortunate enough to win the competition for the boarders' part of the flag. We are very proud, and we are reminded of our hard work when we walk past the flag each day. It will be up for the whole year and we were very pleased to win.

Founders' Day on Wednesday 3 October was an amazing day. In the morning we raised the flag. Raising the flag was a very special moment for the both of us and we are very proud to have won.

Megan (U5)

Megan and I designed a flag to represent the boarding community. We won and got to raise the flag with Mrs Hems and the other winners. It was a great experience.

Georgia (L5)

 130 Flag Design 584w

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