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12 Oct 2018
Talk by Dr Kimberly Hambuchen

Hambuchen HeadShot 250w2All Primary 6 had a visit from Dr Kimberly Hambuchen on Monday the 8 October. She is a NASA scientist, all the way from the Johnson Space Centre in Houston. Dr Kimberly Hambuchen has the important role of being Principal Technologist of Robotics. She told us a bit about how she got into NASA and some of her amazing projects. Canada Arm 2 and Valkyrie are just a couple of some of the interesting robots that she has programmed.

Canada Arm 2 is the most used robot in space and helps astronauts with any problems with maintenance on the International Space Station. We loved hearing about how she works with her team and develops software. She showed us a video of a robot who is being programmed to go to Mars. The robot is half humanoid and half tractor. Finally, we asked some questions, one of them was if she ever wanted to be an astronaut and she replied no. She was happy just helping other people go to space.

Reene and Lila, P6Q

CanadaArm2 600wNASA Image: SpaceX's Dragon resupply ship is caught by Canadarm2 and berthed to the International Space Station.

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