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10 Oct 2018
Our Visit to the Murrayfield Care Home

On the 27 September, six Lower 4 girls were chosen to visit the residents living at the Murrayfield Care Home. It really cheered the residents up because they enjoyed talking to us and learning about us. It was very interesting for us because we learnt many things about their lives and the relatives that they remember. 

One of the ladies spoke to us about how she has three sons, one in London, one in Edinburgh and one in Atlanta. In October she is going to one of her grandchildren's wedding. She told us that sometimes no one would visit her for some time and then sometimes a lot of people would visit her.

I also spoke to a lady who told me about how she came to St George’s and then moved to another school. She told me that she enjoyed her experience because it created her love of hockey. She then told me that she enjoyed mathematics and science, so she persevered and became a doctor.

The day was very entertaining and interesting, so we are very glad that we had the opportunity to partake in it. 

Simi and Nimi, L4Y

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