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08 Nov 2018
Spotlight on Social Sciences

SocialScience 250w3 October – 9 November 2018 

There are a series of events taking place at the moment to highlight areas of interest and opportunities in the social sciences. These started with a visit by Nigel Shepley, former Head of History and School Librarian, who inspired our Lower 5 students on Founders’ Day on 3 October by talking about the vision of the school’s founders in 1888. The events will culminate in the commemoration of another significant anniversary with the whole school Remembrance Assembly on Thursday 8 November, three days before the centenary of the armistice which ended the fighting in the Great War in 1918.

We have benefited from a visit by Patricia Keppie, an alumna of St George’s and Public Engagement Regional Co-ordinator with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, who returned to the school to talk about the work of the CWGC in advance of our students’ visit to the battlefields of the Western Front around Ypres and the Somme over half term, and to highlight opportunities to volunteer. Students’ understanding of current sources of international tension were highlighted too with a workshop run by Solutions not Sides which was designed to foster critical thinking and conflict-resolution within a safe space discussion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Students were hugely moved by the stories presented by the young women who had grown up on opposite sides of this conflict but whose mission now is to facilitate dialogue and peaceful resolution. In a spirit of collaboration, students taking Advanced Higher Modern Studies will join with those taking Advanced Higher Mathematics to visit Edinburgh University to examine how the issue of social inequality can be investigated using statistics. Those studying Economics have also been to the Scottish Schools Economics in Perth this week and our Classicists to the Manuscripts Day at Glasgow University.

We are also hugely grateful to our own staff and student community for presentations on their life and travels over the past month. Fi talked about growing up in Lagos, Hannah and Katie on life in South Africa. Mr. Alexander presented on adventure travel and Mrs Mushat on the impact of tourism on the environment on Everest.



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