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07 Nov 2018
The Kids Lit Quiz

On the 30 October 2018 I went with some other girls in my year to take part in the Kids Lit Quiz. Teams of Lower 4s, Removes and Upper 4s had been chosen after a series of heats, answering questions about our knowledge of books, to go to Liberton High to compete against some other schools in Edinburgh. We were all very excited as we made our way to the venue by school minibus. We were the first school to arrive and, feeling nervous, entered the hall where it would take place. As we were eating our pack lunches, more schools started to fill the room and there was a lot of noise until the quizmaster got our attention. He introduced himself and he explained the rules of the quiz. We were then told to choose our prize topic, and my team chose Harry Potter. But this was only part of it, as we were asked about 100 questions about children’s literature with topics ranging from Beards to Folk Tales.

Our first category was Archery. The Quizmaster called out questions and we consulted about our answer in our teams. For the category Book Knowledge, our team tied for points with two other teams, so our team and the two others stood up and were asked a question which was “Who said ‘Curiouser and curiouser’?”.  The answer is Alice from Alice in Wonderland, which we got right, so we all won books as prizes. The categories continued, including ones about marriage, magic and one where the quizmaster showed pictures up on the board representing fairy tales and we had to guess which one it was. We were told that we did it because we look at pictures before we learn how to read. After some waiting, we were given the overall results, which would tell us whether we would be going to London for the National competition. Our team came 4th out of 20 teams but we were happy as we had done our best and it was fun. We hope we get a chance of being able to try again next year!

By Iona, L4X

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