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08 Nov 2018
Primary 2 Visit The Museum of childhood and Edinburgh University

We went on a trip to the Museum of Childhood and Edinburgh University on Thursday 4 October. We got on our school minibuses which took us to the museum on the Royal Mile. When we were in the museum, we listened to talks teaching us all about toys from the past. We looked at lots of old toys like an old train set that was made of metal, a dolls house made of wood and some toys which were 90 years old! We saw a kitchen set and learnt that if you lit a match and put it in the little door in the back of the cooker, it would make the kettle whistle when the water had boiled and the frying pan would heat up. It was so cool! There was also a very old rocking horse made of wood. We couldn’t touch lots of the toys because they are very delicate and in cabinets but we had a lots of fun!

When we finished our visit to the museum, we got back on the minibuses and went to Edinburgh University (Informatics Forum). We met Mrs Kumari's husband and his PhD students who showed us around. We were very hungry so first we had our lunch. Then we went to a big room. First, we saw a robot that had an arm. It could even move forwards and sideways. This robot is learning to carry things and can be used in factories. We thought it could help carry books in our library. Then a small robot called Nao did a slow dance for us. Afterwards, we saw Valkyrie. He was massive! One day he is going to go to Mars. He might help build houses for astronauts. Then Dr Vijayakumar had a special surprise for us. He had two robot dogs - a black one and white one.  They were called Aibo and were so cute! We loved playing with Aibo. We found out that when Aibo was angry the top of his face went red and then we had to stop annoying him! We also saw ANYmal. He is a robot that walks on four legs. He is being trained to walk on surfaces that are not always flat. He can one day help rescue people from dangerous places. At the end, we were given a lovely treat of brownies and juice. We had a really fun day and learnt all about interactive robots including toy robots.


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