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08 Nov 2018
The P6 Trip to Dynamic Earth

On 5 November, P6 went on a trip to Dynamic Earth. We were split into two groups - one would get to do the workshop first, the other would go for a walk with a geologist up Arthur’s Seat.  We got off the coach at Dynamic Earth and our group went up Arthur's Seat first. The geologist showed us different types of ancient rock and told us how they would have been used and how they were formed.  We walked uphill to see an ancient chapel. He talked about how people built it and its original design, which was very interesting. Then we found a good spot to have our snack. The view was breathtaking. When we finished our snacks, we looked at some other types of rock, then set of back to Dynamic Earth.

When we got there, we went to the learning base. In our workshop there were five tables with different activities such as: draw a volcano, make your own hurricane, short films about natural disasters, find out which stones are meteorites and build a tower which would stand up during an earthquake. Our favorite activities were the tornado and the tower building. After our workshop, we went to the Show Dome! We watched an educational film about the start of the universe. It was pretty scary! We had lunch and went back 100,000 years in the time machine. When we got out, we went to the volcano room, and it was so cool because the ground shook! In the next room we got to touch a real iceberg - it was so cold and smooth. We then went to the 4D room where we watched a short film and it was like we were pilots travelling around the world. The last room was like a rainforest with different animals and lots of rain.

It was a very fun and interesting day with lots to learn. We loved it!

Anastasia and Lucy, P6P


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