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21 Nov 2018
Author Matt Dickinson comes to talk to Remove

On 19 November, author Matt Dickinson came to St George’s to talk to the Removes. We were all very excited about this. Matt Dickinson has climbed Mount Everest, the highest mountain on the earth. When he came, he shared his story about how he climbed Mount Everest. First, he had to get to Base Camp and we watched a video about it. He walked over an unstable bridge and a guy was carrying all his things on his back for the journey. They get paid very little money - £8 a day. Matt Dickinson spent six months of training for the climb - the training looked super fun. To climb Mount Everest you need a lot of warm clothing. There were a lot of camps Matt Dickinson had to get to. One of his friends got frostbite and a helicopter was sent to collect him. The hospital in Nepal said it would cost £10,000.  When Matt got to the summit, he was overjoyed because he had completed climbing Mount Everest. Matt has four boys and one girl, and his daughter also wants to climb Mount Everest. 

Matt has written three Everest books and is writing one right now.  Everest Files is about an 18yr old boy called Ryan who goes to Nepal to study medicine. He meets a girl called Shreeya who loved a boy called Kami, but he went missing after he had climbed Mount Everest. Ryan then sets out to find Kami and finds some friendly and un-friendly faces on the way. When he finds Kami, Kami tells Ryan what happened and how he disappeared. Kami had an arranged marriage organised for him when he was eight and when he turns 16 he had to move in with the girl. But Kami had other plans. He fell in love with Shreeya and the only way they could be together was if Kami had enough money, which he didn’t. So, the only way for him to make money was to climb Mount Everest. 

This story has such a good message which is “never give up, even if you think you're not going to make it.” I personally loved this book. Congratulations to the person who came 1st in the Everest Files poster competition. Thank you, Matt Dickinson, for coming to St George's to talk about your experience climbing Mount Everest.

Amrien & Jenna. RQ


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