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29 Nov 2018
An Evening with Gabby Logan

gabby and girls pic 584wOn Thursday 22 November, St George’s welcomed BBC sport and ITV presenter, Gabby Logan. Gabby was the second guest we welcomed to the school in the Walker Series. The event was in partnership with ‘My Name’5 Doddie Foundation’, raising money for research into Motor Neurone Disease.  Gabby was introduced by BT sports presenter, Emma Dodds, who gave the audience a brief introduction of the Walker series and Gabby Logan herself. 

The room was left in awe after Gabby spoke so effortlessly about her life: from growing up and the impact sport had on her life as a young girl, to how she has arrived today as the successful female presenter we see and hear on so many channels. She spoke in detail about her life at university and the sacrifices she made in order to pursue a career in radio, gaining experiences by going out and finding them. We all found this incredibly inspirational and she gave us all encouragement to always push ourselves to succeed because of all Gabby has overcome in terms of being a ‘woman in a man’s world’, which she has most definitely had a major role in changing.

The room also had the pleasure of hearing a few funny stories in which even David Beckham featured!  Following this, Emma Dodds joined Gabby on stage to open the room to a question and answer session. The audience asked questions from gender equality to juggling sport and academics at university. 

We would definitely say everyone left talking about the inspirational words we heard and that girls especially have been all been inspired by Gabby’s words. 

This was such a successful event and we thank Gabby Logan for taking the time to come and speak so inspiringly about her life and her career, as well as helping to raise awareness and money for ‘My Name’5 Doddie Foundation’.

We would like to thank Miss Benson as the event would not have been possible without all her hard work and organisation which made everything flow so smoothly.

By Sports Prefect, Olivia and her Upper 6 colleagues

gabby and girls talk 584w


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