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11 Dec 2018
Houldsworth Panto

On Wednesday we went to see the Beauty and the Beast Panto at Kings Theatre. The theatre was really big and full of people, our seats were right on the balcony looking down onto the stage, and it looked like a big drop! My favourite character was Mrs Potty, she was so funny, and I loved when she and Flash Bobby would sing because there were so many jokes. I liked having an outing with all of Houldsworth because we could all enjoy something together as a House. One of my favourite parts was when four children were brought on stage and one of the boys kept putting his hands in his pockets and Mrs Potty kept telling him off for it. Mrs Potty picked him up and threw him off the stage! I loved all the songs, especially the Greatest Showman. I didn’t want to leave, it was my first ever Panto and I had such a fun night!

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Beauty and Beast Panto

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