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11 Dec 2018
Winter Wonderland

The Christmas Market was brilliant; it was really good fun exploring all the different food and shopping stalls. My favourite was the Harry Potter stand; they had loads of different hoodies I hadn’t seen before and even things like butterbeer and a marauders’ map. We saw the amusement rides as well and went on one called the Yeti. We were getting nervous waiting in line as all the people on it were screaming so much. At first, I was really scared but by the end it was great fun! We saw lots of people we knew from Houldsworth at the market and I even saw two friends from my old school; clearly, it’s very popular. I had a crepe before the ride which I regretted as I felt quite dizzy, but we bought burgers as well which were delicious. My friend went on the Star Flyer ride where you sit on swings and go up 60m in the air. Apparently, it was great fun but very scary at the top.

(U5 boarder)

Winter Wonderland

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