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16 Jan 2019
Remove Outdoor Education Week at Lagganlia

Lagg Camp 600wAt Remove camp, we did many activities throughout the week. We split into different groups and soon learned that the groups were our Houses. We did hillwalking, skiing, cycling, gorge walking, orienteering, abseiling and scrambling. Every single House cycled in a figure of eight and by the time we finished we were all tired. In gorge walking we faced many challenges such as climbing up a waterfall, walking on slippery water and the icy cold water running into our boots. All the other activities were just as challenging in different ways.

Beth and Saanvi, RQ

There was an amazing range of evening activities at Remove camp including cookie decorating, a party, a nightline and a bonfire. After we roasted marshmallows, we had a sing along whilst Miss Tsimikou played the guitar.

The cookie decorating was great fun. We had a few kits of icing (green, red and white) and we iced gingerbread men, birds, Christmas trees and hearts. They tasted really good! The nightline was quite scary, but we got together as a team and helped each other through the course.  We got very muddy and kept bumping into things - luckily, we were wearing helmets. The bonfire after the nightline was great. We learnt some new songs, had a few smores and listened to the guitar, then most of the group went to look at the stars. The elves and the Santas (we were all separated into one or the other) had a massive dance off, then we had a tie breaker and the teachers had to charade as the elves won!! 

Connie. RP

Remove camp was an experience we will never forget. We learnt so many things such as teamwork and resilience. An example of when we showed these qualities is when we went gorge walking. Though we were cold and wet, we saw the positives and worked together as a team. Another thing we learnt was how to cope with friendships in and out of our dorms. Such as, when we were in our dorms, we had to respect each other and each other's belongings. Another thing we learnt, that we should all consider, is to sometimes push ourselves. Camp was incredible, and it was a real privilege to have it.

Laura and Mariam, RX

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