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31 Jan 2019
My Weekend at Houldsworth

This weekend was my first time staying at Houldsworth House. It was just like having a big, fun and exciting sleepover. When we arrived we were shown our rooms. We each had a space to put our things and our own wardrobes. We had some biscuits for our after school snack and then decided to chill out in our room together.

We then had dinner, which was fish fingers, chips, peas, yoghurt and a selection of juices. It was all really tasty and enjoyable.

Then we went to the comfy common room to do some Robert Burns quizzes and watch a movie. We watched Mamma Mia and had sweets and hot chocolate - yum! We went to bed at 10pm. The beds were really comfy and I had a great night’s sleep. Breakfast and brunch on Saturday were really tasty. I would definitely come back to Houldsworth!

(Mhairéad, Lower 4)

I had lots of fun at Houldsworth this weekend. I was sharing a room with my sister and two other friends. We watched movies and had sweets and hot chocolate in the comm and afterwards we listened to songs and had a dance party! The supper is really nice at Houldsworth and it was a fun night.

(Sophie, Remove)


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