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31 Jan 2019
Primary 1 Active Maths

The Primary 1 girls have been enjoying learning through active Maths. Wooden rounds made excellent counters for our number stories to 7 and we all loved seating teddy bears or adding ‘cherries’ to the cakes to see how many ways we could make 7.

Number Bingo helped consolidate our number recognition and when we took turns to be the number caller, sometimes we went really fast!

We used the numbers on our new fortune teller wheel to practise counting on and back and we even looked at what happened to the numbers if we multiplied them by 10.

The ladybird game is one of our favourites. We had to roll the dice and find the matching card to the number shown. When we turned the card over, we would find 0, 1, 2 or 3 ladybirds on the leaf. At the end, we counted up all our ladybirds and the person with the most was the winner.

We also got out two big dice and took turns rolling them. We learned that we could start with the biggest number and count on from there. We wrote our sums down on a whiteboard.

We really enjoy active Maths – it is so fun to learn through play!

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