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31 Jan 2019
Primary 2 Visit Pizza Express

Last week we went to Pizza Express where we made our own pizzas. We learned what ingredients you need and we watched Claire, one of the Pizza Express staff, demonstrate the different steps we had to follow. We flattened the dough with our hands, spread some tomato sauce on the base once it was in the pan and sprinkled some cheese on top. We learned that the cubes of mozzarella cheese melt to the size of a 20p coin when in the oven. We thought it was quite easy to make our pizzas but a little tricky to spread the sauce and fit the dough into the pan.

While the pizzas were getting cooked in the oven, Claire gave us a sample of different foods to try. We tried red onions and we learnt that red onions were not as strong in flavour as white onions. We tried black olives and some of us loved them. Some of us did not like the taste of olives though but we learnt that olives are grown in warm, Mediterranean countries. We tried fresh basil which tasted lovely. We liked the cheese and the cherry tomatoes the most.

On the trip, we learnt many interesting things. We learnt how to spread the sauce on a pizza without a spoon! To do this, you need to drive the sauce all around the dough by moving the pan round and round like the wheels on a bus!  

We enjoyed going on the school minibus with our friends. We were very excited to make our own pizzas and they tasted delicious!

By P2X and P2Y

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