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31 Jan 2019
Primary 6 Burns Supper

P6 Burns 600wAll the girls sat down in the Drama studio and the four welcoming girls Alexia, Mia, Imogen and Sofia went to greet the boys. All the boys sat down around the edge of the room and we started the dancing. The girls partnered up with the boys and we started with the Virginia Reel and next we danced the Gay Gordons and finally we danced the Strip the Willow. After that, Thea kindly announced that it was time to go upstairs for the Burns Supper. We all headed upstairs and sat down. Then the Selkirk Grace was recited by Anastasia and Alicia.  After the Selkirk Grace, the piping in of the Haggis was done and Jamala thanked the haggis bearer. Then we all went to get our Burns Supper meal.

After our delicious Burns Supper, Ariana said a vote of thanks to the kitchen staff. The boys then stood up and said their Toast to the Lassies before we replied to them, and we all had a good laugh! We then went downstairs to enjoy some musical performances. Some of the boys performed instrumental songs that we really enjoyed. They also sang the “Skye Boat Song” and said lots of amazing Robert Burns poems. Then it was our turn to perform the songs and poems we had practised. The Ceilidh Band played first, Ula played Brochan Lom on her clarsach (harp) which was amazing, Katherine and Bella then sang Red, Red Rose which was beautiful, especially the rose petals that they threw at the end of the song. Deepti recited To A Louse which was great because of her amazing actions and Scottish pronunciation. The whole of P6 sang some Burns songs: My Heart's in the Highlands, Afton Water and Deil’s awa with Exciseman. We got into a circle and finished off by singing Auld Lang Syne. The song ended, and we sadly had to say goodbye to all the boys. Some girls had still not performed so Zara did her Highland dancing, and Iris W and Ashmita recited To a Mouse. Then Iris M and Vinnie recited a funny version of Red, Red Rose which made everyone laugh! Sara, Annabel, Lottie and Florence recited Tam o’ Shanter. The Burns Supper was amazing; we all enjoyed it so much and we would love to do it again another time.

Bella and Ariana, P6Q

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