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31 Jan 2019
Primary 6 Friday Activities

We were given a task to go outside and invent a game in groups. We had 8 items that we could include in our games: a hoop, a bean bag, a football, a tennis ball, a soft turtle bean bag, a skipping rope, a place marker and a quoit. We were also given a clipboard, pencil, and paper to write the rules and instructions. In the instructions you had to include how to play, what you needed and how many people could play. When we were making our games, we had to make sure that we listened to everybody's ideas.

We were given half an hour to make our game and then we had to explain it to everybody. Soon we are going to have the chance try to play other people’s games - we hope that there are some clear instructions to read! It was such fun but also quite tiring as there was a lot of running about.

Charlotte, Molly, Alex and Zara


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