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11 Mar 2019
Pancakes and Sleepovers

Sleepovers and Pancakes 250wLast week we had 22 Remove and P6 day girls try out boarding for one night. What did they think of their time at Houldsworth?

  • It’s really cool and fun, I really like my room. (Zara, P6)
  • I liked the pancakes and I liked my room. (Iris, P6)
  • I like the Big Comm, making pancakes and my bedroom. It’s really fun. (Alicia, P6)
  • It’s a friendly environment, it feels like a nice place to be. (Zara, P6)
  • It’s just really good fun, everyone’s so nice! I really like the Big Comm and I enjoyed playing Twister. (Florence, P6)
  • It’s amazing and the houseparents are really nice. (Sienna, P6)
  • It was fun, I liked my room and the Big Comm. (Lottie, P6)
  • It’s fun, the staff and girls are really nice, I really enjoy it. (Ariana, P6)
  • It’s really fun and I really liked making the pancakes. I liked the Big Comm, it’s really homely and the staff are nice too. (Ishbel, R)
  • It’s been fun, especially making the pancakes and I got lots of homework done too. (Sophie, R)
  • I’m looking forward to making pancakes and I really like my room. I got my maths homework done quickly with help from boarders and staff. (Charlotte, L4)
  • I really enjoyed it, especially the tuck. (Imogen, P6)
  • It’s good fun, there are lots of things to do and the people here are really nice. (Mariam, R)
  • I like it, it’s very good fun, the staff are friendly and caring. I love the bedrooms, they are really cosy. (Laura, R)
  • It was amazing, I love my room, I’m really enjoying it! Prep was good and I got lots of my work finished. (Katherine, P6)
  • It’s a very homely place, I like my room and the Big Comm a lot. (Remove girl)
  • I like how there is a time set aside to do your homework every day and then afterwards we had tuck! (Heather, R)
  • The room I’m in is really nice and dinner was delicious! (Ella, P6)
  • It feels like home and it’s a great place to be (Remove girl)
  • I like the food and the rooms and the staff are very nice. (Eilidh, R)
  • I have really enjoyed being here, it’s great fun! (Beth, R)

Pancakes 600w

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