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11 Mar 2019

EQ Logo 250wOn Monday, Bella, Deepti, Reene, Florence, Lottie and Elisabeth travelled on the school mini bus to the City Chambers with our mascot George the Bear from the nursery. When we arrived, we were given a badge with the name of our school on it and we sat down at our table. We were very excited to be at the City Chambers.

There was a big board where all the questions were shown. It was very exciting as there were four rounds, Geography, Language, Understanding Europe and History and Culture and Sport.  The quiz master read out each question and we would write down our answer on our answer sheet. After each round had finished a teacher from a different school marked our answers and we moved on to the next round. Some questions were very challenging, but we worked together as a team to come up with an answer. We had mixed emotions while we sat to wait for the results.

When we heard the results, we were a little bit sad and happy at the same time because we came joint third place with another school, and we were a few points off from being in the finals. We met Donald Wilson. He used to be the Lord Provost for Edinburgh. He explained this important job and we asked him lots of questions. We really enjoyed the Euroquiz competition because it was such an interesting experience.

Deepti, Bella and Reene, P6Q

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