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11 Mar 2019
Primary Three Trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens

Last week, all the Primary 3 girls went to the Botanics to learn about some of the plants that grow in the rainforest. We were met by Mrs Danzig (who used to teach at St George's!) who led our workshop for the morning. She took us through the rainforests (the glasshouses) and taught us about some of the adaptations that plants have developed to survive in such humid conditions.

We saw buttress roots, drip tips, strangler vines and epiphytes. The girls had to find some plants that grow in the rainforest which produce some well-known ingredients, such as vanilla and cocoa pods and wild bananas. We all had a great morning and learned lots of interesting facts. Here are some of our favourite parts:

  • My favourite part at the Botanics was when we saw the fishes in the ‘rainforest’. Katie
  • I liked eating papaya and smelling the cocoa beans.  Emmea
  • I liked when we were eating the papaya and finding the strangler fig and the vanilla pods.  Isla
  • I liked when we saw the poisonous plants - they can even kill apes!  Roni
  • I liked it when we had to look for all the rainforest item: the wild banana, the strangler fig vine, vanilla pods and the cocoa beans.  Emilie


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