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13 Mar 2019
Did You Hear the Eggs Crack?

Was that a chirp? Where is the nest? 

The nests are in the Big Owls room, the eggs have just hatched and everyone is talking about the hatchlings! The Big Owls have been looking at different types of eggs. Some eggs are blue and some are brown, others are big and others tiny! In our talking tub this week we had a variety of eggs, some small chicks and a baby leopard turtle.

Which egg is bigger? Do we grow in an egg when we are born? We had a look at ostrich eggs and watched a video of a bluebird hatching out of its blue egg. The learning continued with the girls making their own eggs and nests for our bird display and for their Spring bonnets! The highlight of our week was a video on how to make an incubator at home. The Big Owls were inspired by the video and rushed to make their own incubators out of junk, cotton and wool!

What a fun week we had! I wonder when our eggs are going to hatch?

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