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12 Mar 2019
Primary 3 Trip to Murrayfield Church

This week, Primary 3 girls walked to Murrayfield Church where we met Reverend Graham and Faye. Reverend Graham showed us many of the features of the interior of the church that we have been learning about in class. We were allowed to stand in the pulpit, sit in the choir pews, try to reach the lectern and look at the stained-glass windows. We looked at the shape of the church, which was a cross and were amazed to see so many crosses both inside and out. Rev. Graham explained why the bell tower is so short; it was never completed because of the outbreak of the First World War and as a result there have never been bells in that church. We all had a great time. Thank you to Reverend Graham and Faye for having us!

  • I really enjoyed going to the church because I liked seeing how fancy it was inside and I liked looking at the stained-glass windows.  Anthi
  • We got to see and stand in the pulpit and we went up to the balcony to sit in the pews.  Diya
  • I liked learning about the four different saints on one of the stained-glass windows. I also learned that churches are different because this one had seats instead of pews and no altar.  Charlotte
  • I stood behind the holy table and pretended to give a speech to the people!  Lucy
  • I really liked seeing the play area for children at church where they can play and colour.  Amelia
  • I really liked looking at the engravings on all of the church furniture.  Georgia
  • I enjoyed learning about an engraving on the pulpit. It was in the shape of an R and X which is the symbol of Christ in Greek.  Emilia


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