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03 Apr 2019
Honey Pot Creative Cafe: Making Bath Bombs

On Sunday 24 March, five of us and our houseparent Miss McLaughlin, went to the Honey Pot Cafe in South Queensferry, under the Forth bridge. The scenery was beautiful and it was a very tranquil setting. This was my third time at the cafe but my first time trying to make bath bombs. It was easier than I had expected it to be. Each of us chose from a mixture of colours and scents which we added to our mixture. I chose a combination of yellow and orange colourings with an apple scent, another girl chose blue and red colours with a frankincense scent. We then pressed the mixture into moulds. There were plenty to choose from and my favourite was the flowers. Taking them out of the mould was a little nerve-racking in case they crumbled in our hands but they all worked perfectly and looked wonderful!

It was a fun and creative experience. I am pleased I was able to go with my friends and enjoy a well spent Sunday.

Lower Sixth Boarder

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