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03 Apr 2019
Our Visit to the Lower School

After receiving a very warm welcome to Lower School...

We were split into 3 groups. The group that I was in were doing two activities – food tasting and science. Both were really fun.

We started with science. We were making a beautiful rainbow of colours from just food colouring, salt and water. We put the food colouring and water in a tube and then added salt, depending on how much the recipe said it needed. Red needed lots, yellow needed a little bit less, green needed barely any and blue needed no salt at all.

We used a special tool that allowed us to suck up all the mixture and then we squeezed it all out (very carefully), until we had a beautiful rainbow of colours.

Next, we had food tasting. In this we had to compare very different fruits and decide which was the

  1. Most juicy
  2. Most sour
  3. Most hard
  4. Most soft
  5. Most sweet

The fruits were:

  1. Pears
  2. Grapes
  3. Oranges
  4. Mangoes

For me, the pear was the hardest and the orange was the sourest.

Aside from having a very warm welcome and a lot of fun, I don’t think our visit could have got any better.

But I wasn’t the only person who went on the trip…

Other girls said…

  • I loved science because we did so many experiments with chemicals.
  • I liked the visit because everybody was very nice and welcoming and there were lots of fun activities to do.
  • I liked science – it was really cool!
  • I liked the visit because I saw my cousin a lot there - so I’m really excited to go!
  • I liked the science activity – mixing the colours into a rainbow.

By Anne, P5Z

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