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03 Apr 2019
Primary 6 Science

During the last two weeks we have been learning how to use microscopes in the lab. We looked at the different parts of the microscope and learnt how to use them properly.

We had great fun looking at different slides. Some slides were of things that were never alive and some were of things that used to be alive.  We looked at things like sand, salt, feathers and wool. The sand was amazing and looked like beautiful jewels. Then we had a look at nerve cells and blood. Our teacher made a slide of some pond water. We thought there was nothing in it but when we looked under the microscope we saw lots and lots of tiny creatures moving about.

This week we were allowed to bring things in from home to make our own slides to look at. There were some really interesting things like dog hair, tea bags, flower petals, dog biscuits, wool and seeds. The flower petals looked as if they had fish scales on them under the microscope. It was fun and very interesting.

Charlotte and Zara, P6


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